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Environment Committee - Meetings scheduled for the 2nd Monday of each month at 4:00 pm

If you have an interest in the Environment Committee, please contact the Chairperson: Deb Grant


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The Case Against Bottled Water

Unifor Windsor Regional Environment Council

Save Ojibway

Unifor Local 200 Environmental Standing Committee "What we do"


Unifor Local 200 Environment Committee


The mandate of the Local 200 Environment Committee is to support and strengthen our members with a common perspective on environmental issues as they relate to the workplace, our fellow co-workers and the surrounding community. Trade union activists must have the tools and capability to address the everyday concerns of the workplace environment, while keeping a labour perspective in mind.


A healthy union ultimately depends on a knowledgeable and mobilized membership. In the Unifor, the emergence of that kind of membership base has always rested on the development of a strong workplace leadership –– one that provides concrete services, passes along a union culture, develops worker confidence, puts worker concerns into a wider context, and generally leads the fight for workers rights.


You are the front line when it comes to environmental action! Our union is committed to addressing the needs and concerns of our members.

In response to concerns regarding the health of our members and their families, our union launched the Unifor Prevent Cancer Campaign to rid our workplaces and our environment of the thousands of potential cancer causing chemicals we come into contact with every day. Unfortunately, the information on chemical contaminates in our environment are not always readily available. Industrial pollutants are released into our environment by the ton every year, due to irresponsible corporations, weak government regulations and staffing cuts which have made enforcement virtually impossible. The results are clear –– if the air, water and land that sustain our life is being poisoned, then we also are being poisoned.


We will strive to protect, enhance and restore the quality of our environment in and around our workplaces and our community through the active involvement of all Unifor Local 200 members.